Photo facial is a medical facial using the properties intense pulse light laser which has scientifically proven collagen elastic fiber boosting and facial rejuvenation properties.  Skin conditions like brown spots, sun damaged skin, facial redness and open pores and skin texture improvement and fine lines can be treated with the help of photo facial. Results of photo facial are quite visible and at the end of the session your skin looks rejuvenated and brighter.  SQIN LASER & COSMETIC CLINIC has established itself as one of the most resolute laser skin clinic in Rewari providing an extensive range of laser treatment and Photofacial treatment services at an affordable cost in Shiv Chowk, Rewari.


Photo facial therapy is an instantaneous treatment and doesn’t have any downtime. It doesn’t have any side effects. Within a few months of the treatment, complete results can be seen. With every sitting, the results will be better. The treatment at DR. SMITA KASHYAP’S Dermatology clinic, Laser skin clinic in Rewari, is very effective on all skin types but it is suggested that pregnant women should not to undergo this treatment.

Photofacial is a series of at least 6 treatments done at a suggested interval of 3-4 week. The wavelength, energy level, exposure and duration  are chosen to specifically damage targeted skin problems without harming the surrounding tissue. The intense pulsed light energy is absorbed by damaged tissue.

Photo facial treatment is an amazing dermatological facial which provides you an advantage to reduce:
1. Hyper-pigmentation
2. Freckles
3. Dark under eye circles
4. Sun spots
5. Melasma
6. Rosacea
7. Oily skin (temporarily)
8. Open pores
9. Acne
10. Broken Capillaries
11. Flushing


1 Epilepsy
2. Pregnancy
3. Retinoids
4. Chemo or radiation therapy
5. Pacemaker, internal defibrillator, any internal metal device
6. Multiple sclerosis, scleroderma, lupus, sarcoidosis,
7. Photosensitizing medications

Benifits: For removal of skin blemishes (brown spots, spider veins, and skin pore size reduction). After series of treatment photofacial will make your skin brighter, clearer and smoother.

Treatment: Before treatment, a gel will be applied to your skin and you will be given goggles to wear. On the treatment area, a laser hand piece will be applied to the skin and with each pulses, you will feel a “hot rubber band sensation. During treatment you might see/feel flashes of bright lights with the goggle, which is normal.