As we know everybody wish a stubble-free smooth skin. People use different options to remove unwanted hair like waxing, threading, shaving and tweezing, none of these are permanent and require regular money, time and efforts. However, laser hair removal in Rewari is one of the few options that offers a more permanent and better approach to getting rid of body’s unwanted hair. It’s the time to say goodbye to awkward, messy and repetitive hair removal methods. Less maintenance, hassle-free procedures and long term of hair free skin makes Laser Hair Reduction superior to all other available methods.

Dr. Smita Kashyap, leading dermatologist in Rewari, Haryana and wizard in the field has a solution- Laser.

Laser Hair Reduction meaning:

Dr. Smita Kashyap uses a revolutionary Alma Soprano Diode ICE & PRO Laser machine for laser hair removal in Rewari. Laser hair reduction uses laser energy, rays of focused light to target pigment of hair (melanin) to dismantle hair tissues without affecting the surrounding area. As researchers found that Diode laser hair reduction is a safe, effective, fast and convenient option for undesired hair removal. It promises long life results and is appropriate for large and small areas including sensitive areas such as ear, nose, nipples as well as bikini area.

How does Laser hair reduction (LHR) work..

LHR uses especially designed laser to heat the hair follicles and render them sedentary. Laser energy enters in our skin and targets only color of hair present in different parts of hair to damage hair. The laser waves can identify hair colour pigment only lefting surrounding area unaffected. Accordingly, hair which contains more black colour (thick growing hair) will be removed faster. The laser effects actively growing hair. After availing few sessions, numerous people find that their laser hair removal LHR treatments have produced lasting and amazing outcomes.

What required prior laser hair reduction treatment?

Patient selection: During consultation assessment of skin and hair will be done that assist your skin specialist in deciding set laser parameters. Clinical information about any underlying hormonal disorder like PCOD/ PCOS, CAH or family history of excess unwanted hair (hirsuitism) or history of herpes in affected area also vital factors.

Blood Investigation & sonography: Specially in females having history of hormonal disorder some hormonal investigations and pelvic sonography are first required before starting laser hair removal treatment. If investigations show some abnormal hormonal levels then medical treatment should be given before starting the laser hair reduction.

What happens during laser hair reduction treatment?

Session starts with a short consultation followed by photographs and patient’s consent. Before starting the procedure, hairs will be shaved from the treatment area. Icing will be done before starting the session on treatment and adjoining areas for 5-10 minutes.

The laser processes are principally designed to maximize your comfort without compromising on quality of the treatment. Icing, which we have done keeps your skin cool during the whole procedure. You may sometime feel a bit of burning or stinging sensation which is tolerable in most of the cases. Immediate post laser session you may experience slight redness on treated area, follicular bumps, and mild swelling in the treated area. This would settle in almost 2-3 hours. Post-treatment, Icing will be done on treated part and adjoining areas for 10-15 minutes to give you better and comfortable feeling.


Is there any side effects of laser hair removal ?

Scientifically, there is no side effect of laser hair reduction if done with trained, experienced hands and with advanced laser machines. There can be some temporary skin changes that settles on its own with time. Mild redness, swelling in laser area can be there post laser for hardly 3-4 hours. Sometimes, Superficial hair can be charred with laser and can form crust which will fall in 1-2 days without doing anything special.


Why Should one choose Dr. Smita Kashyap’s – SQIN Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Rewari?

Detailed actual consultation by experienced Dermatologist in Rewari – Dr. Smita Kashyap

Clear explanation about hormonal influence and laser working during first consultation.

World’s most trusted and fastest result delivering laser machine Alma Soprano Diode ICE & PRO.

Laser sessions is done by doctor only, not technician.

No regular session required after completing 6 sessions.

Minimal maintenance sessions required (2-3 in a year)