Skin is considered as a source of self regard when it comes to appearance and beauty. In teenage most of us spent hours and hours trying different home remedies, skin creams and medicines to eliminate pimple and acne coming on our face. With advancements in thye technology, upgraded machines and medical science, now a days it is possible to treat acne scars with our renowned Dermatologist in Rewari Dr. Smita Kashyap – Acne Scar Treatment in Rewari.


Key causes why acne develops..

Mostly researchers and studies has recommended that hormonal variation/ imbalance in our body may be the chief cause of acne. These hormonal changes occurs mainly during adolescent age, pregnancy, menstruation. As everyone knows skin has many pores, When dead skin cells and sebum block skin pores, acne develops.


Some Common acne scars types…

Depending on person to person, Acne can be mild, moderate, or severe. In severe cases acne cause pain, pus-filled bumps, called nodules or cysts, underneath our skin’s surface.

Boxcar scars: this scar type is about 3mm and resemble enormously to chicken pox scars. Boxcar scars most often form its place on the areas like the lower cheeks and jaw, where skin is comparatively thick.

Ice pick scars: these are smaller, more narrow indentations resemble the wounds left by an ice pick. These scars are mainly found on the cheeks and nose.

Rolling scars: these have a varying depth (4-5mm), with sloping edges and dumped appearance that make skin appear wavy and uneven.


Acne Scar Treatment – PROCEDURES

Dr. Smita Kashyap with his indepth subject knowledge and vast experience has earned the reputation as the best dermatologist for acne scars treatment in Rewari, Haryana. The ideal treatment is selected based on the type of scars after a thorough assessment and related checks. Acne scar removal in Rewari involves different procedures:

Acne Microneedling RF treatment:

Microneedling is a common invasive treatment for acne scars. Gives better results and useful for rolling, linear and shallow boxcar scars. The instrument loaded with super fine needles is used to create microinjuries over the patient’s skin. Microneedling process involves insertion of around 25 micro-needles into the affected area. This stimulates collagen production and removes acne scars as well as wrinkles. It is safe for all skin types. Dr Smita Kashyap’s SQIN Clinic is best skin clinic in Rewari for microneedling treatment for acne scars as clinic has world’s best and latest microneedling device that provide most uniform and effective results.

Acne Laser treatment :

Fractional CO2 laser is the mostly used and one of the effective treatment for acne scars. It’s results are best among all non surgical treatments for acne scars. Dr. Smita Kashyap’s – SQIN Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Rewari is equipped with world’s best CO2 laser machine for acne scar laser treatments in Rewari. The Pixel CO2 laser leads to resurfacing of the skin, resulting in a smooth, clear and younger skin. This advanced LASER machine targets the water content of soft tissues and remove scarred tissue in fractional pattern. Its thermal effect induces new collagen formation which ultimately improves texture of acne scar.Dr. Smita Kashyap – Best Dermatologist in Rewari is expert in providing laser treatments for acne scars.

Punch excision technique:

Punch excision technique is make use for deep depressed and boxcar scars. Generally combined with laser resurfacing for optimal result. This treatment is considered when patient have lesser acne scars.

Chemical peels treatment:

Chemical peels are suitable for mild to moderate acne. Peels ablate epidermis (uppermost layer of our skin), which is followed by epidermal regeneration and collagen formation. The peel contains acidic substances like Salicylic acid, mandelic acid, glycolic acid, Jessners solution and TCA are most frequently used for indian skin. They are often used in combination with other procedures such as subcision, microneedling RF and Cross techniques. These are generally indicated for macular, hyperpigmented and atrophic scars.

With the latest and most advanced technology, and with addition to skilled hands of Dr. Smita Kashyap, acne and its unsightly complications can be repatriated forever, leaving you radiant and beautiful forever. Laser treatment for acne scars cost in Rewari is affordable and real value for money.


Useful combination of treatments for best results in acne scars:

Dr. Smita Kashyap – Dermatologist Rewari has developed her own protocols to perform all acne scar treatments in her SQIN Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Rewari that give astonishing results in acne scars.
  • CO2 Laser plus
  • Microneedling with PRP therapy (any acne scar )plus
  • If ice pick acne scars – TCA CROSS
  • Deep Box scar (Few in number)- Punch excision
  • If patient want quick results – Fillers (however results are temporary)
  • Superficial atrophic acne scars- chemical peels
  • Macular scars- Chemical peels or microdermabrasion