Let us face it! Aging can show its horrible signs in the form of age spots quicker than you expect. As you grow mature or if you are exposed to the sun often, it is not surprising for brown spots or patches to begin appearing on your face. Usually innocuous, age spots though can be an indication of more serious skin illnesses and the standard victims are individuals in their 30s or 40s who have been excessively exposed to sunlight and pollution when they were younger. While not dangerous, they are nasty-looking and can often spoil your gorgeous perfect face. Hence, finding a way to confiscate them is a common question, particularly amid ladies. If you are a sufferer of age spots and are rummaging around to find a suitable treatment of laser age spot removal in REWARI(HARYANA), SQIN Laser & Cosmetic Clinic can be the place for you! Visit the clinic today for availing the most reasonable laser age spot removal cost.

What are age spots?

Age spots are a common issue amid the older generations and when they appear on the hands or face, they can cause awkwardness. Age spots, also called sun/brown spots, are very unappealing and could make your complexion look rough and distasteful. They are primarily triggered by the aging course and by vulnerable overexposure to the ultraviolet emissions of the sun. It can befall in both men as well as women.

Why do they appear?

Melanin is the skins’ natural reaction to contact to the sun. It is a brown pigment that is a defense mechanism against ultraviolet rays, which we call a tan. Where a healthy tan can be much singled out,age spots are not so welcome. When the skin is over-exposed, the manufacture of this pigment is fast-tracked and can bring about dark brown patches being formed. The regions that are most possibly to be over-exposed are the hands and face and so these are the most common sites for age spots to appear.

What is Q-switched laser treatment for age spots?

Q-switched laser for age spots removal is a widespread treatment as it very effectual at eradicating sun spots and results can be seen in just 2-3 sittings in large numbers of cases. In the treatment, the laser ray is directed at the regions of hyperpigmentation and causes the accretion of melanin to collapse and eventually the spots get vanished. Generally, laser treatment is an outpatient process and retrieval rate is legitimately fast.