Hair fall now a days is the most common problem both in males and females. Good understanding with hair fall reason is very crucial to get benefitting treatment. We provide you with detailed diagnosis and better treatments to prevent your baldness and regrow your hair subsequently. Hair transplant & PRP therapy are most common procedures for regrowing hair and treating baldness now a days.

Hair Transplant:

Their is much significance of Hair in deciding our looks and they directly or indirectly connected with our culture, race and society. Usually, we take hair fall for granted until they are gone or near to end. Apart from the looks there are many other reasons to say that’s why hairs so important to men like career, confidence or attracting partner. If you are bothered by thinning hair regularly, bald patches or receding hairline.

Great, Hair transplant can come to you as rescuer and bring back head full of hair. Consult the best Hair Transplant doctor in Rewari – Dr. Smita Kashyap – SQIN Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic located in heart of the city walking distance from main bus stand Rewari, Haryana.


Hair Transplant meaning:

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure which involves taking out hair follicles from one site of your body, implanting it to the place where you want to have more hairs.

There are two basic techniques which are used to do this:

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) :

It is a technique basically in which your dermatologist surgeon removes a strip of your scalp skin generally from back of your head. The strip size can be between 6-10 inches depending on the requirements. This strip is then used and separated into number of small fragments known as “grafts”. These grafts are then implanted into the requited area.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE):

This technique is performed in which, individual’s hair follicles are extracted from back of your head. The dermatologist then creates small holes in the area where hair needs to be transplanted, after which hair follicles are implanted into them.

After the surgery the treated part is covered with bandage to get better results. According to the technique of transplant, the procedures usually takes around 6-8 hours.

Advantage of these Hair Transplant methods collectively- FUE &FUT

This technique is latest and more upgraded one.

It is less invasive and less painful comparatively others

In this the body Heals faster

Results in minimum scarring.

No stitches required hence chances of complications are minimal or near to zero.


Is a Hair Transplant treatment permanent?

No doubt, Yes, Hair transplant is considered as the most worthwhile and long lasting treatment for hair loss pattern. Here your own hair which are not sensitive to hormonal effect are being transplanted to bald area. Therefore, they will generally lasts long.

Do Hair Transplants looks natural?

This is very common question of person who is thinking for Hair Transplantation service. If hair transplantation is done by experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon in the city then results of hair transplant will be natural for sure as they are taken from your own body. At Dr Smita Kashyap’s – SQIN Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Rewari we discuss about hair line with patient in detail considering his age, desired look and his previous photographs with good hair density.


Why Should one go to Dr Smita Kashyap’s – SQIN Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Rewari for hair transplant?

At our clinic, Hair transplantation is performed by well experienced and skilled dermatologist Dr Smita Kashyap and team under strict guidelines and protocols to ensure your safety and better results guaranteed. Doctor and her team has successfully conducted and operated many hair transplant procedures over the years.

  • Detailed discussion about hair fall issue and hair transplant treatment with patient
  • Hair line design with using most advanced and latest tools
  • Use of advanced instruments at every step of you treatment: slit making, graft extraction and implantation
  • Supported with PRP therapy for bio stimulation
  • Personalized post treatment care
  • Free follow up support till full growth as promised