Permanent makeup also known as  micro pigmentation or cosmetic tattooing  is a aesthetic procedure which uses certain pigments to create the look one would normally achieve with various makeup products. The most frequent makeup options done are lip color tattoos  eyebrow and eyeliner tattoos. It is used to give defined and prominent brows and color filling of the lip.

How is Permanent Makeup done?
With a single-use disposable needle, a aesthetic tattoo machine, and special aesthetic tattoo ink, a trained aesthetician injects the ink into the dermis i.e. the central layer of the skin, below the epidermis. This doesn’t inject the ink quite as deep into the skin as a traditional tattoo machine, which means that permanent makeup does not last as long as an average tattoo.

Who can get it done?
While everyone can go for permanent make up done, there are certain people who are highly advised to go for it.
1. Person with hair loss in eyebrows since birth, due to aging or due to various causes like alopecia areata, hormonal problems like thyroid, nutritional deficiencies or post-trauma where the scar is present over eyebrows or post-chemotherapy  eyebrow hair loss aff

2. People with dark lips genetically or due to other causes like excessive smoking etc.

3. Anyone who would like to cut down on the hassle of doing everyday makes up.

How long does the Permanent Makeup last? 
Most people require a touch up after 2 weeks for long-lasting results. It requires retouching after 9 to 12 months time to make it last longer.

Common Types of Permanent Makeup

  • Permanent Lip Colour
  • Permanent Eyebrows
  • Permanent Eyeliner

Before the Procedure 
The shape of the brow and color of the lip is decided according to age, gender, skin tone, and frequency of makeup in daily life. The natural shape of  lips and structure of brow bone are also taken into consideration.

During the Procedure
In case of eyebrows, a shape is first drawn with a skin pencil. Preparation of the area then apply numbing cream over the area leave for 30 minute and then individual strokes are used to follow the pattern of natural eyebrow hair. This is followed by the application of the pigment, leaving it on for 10 minutes to let the skin absorb the pigment completely.

What to expect after Permanent Makeup?
The area you have had tattooed might be swollen, especially the day after the procedure.
After two or three days, the skin might begin to flake, peel or scab. This should end after a day or two.

Aftercare & Maintenance
Following proper aftercare is just as important as the skill of the person performing it to give the best results of defining the brows and lip color.

  • Avoid touching the area as much as possible, except for when cleaning.
  • Avoid Sun exposure.
  • Avoid using soap for a few days.
  • Do not pick at the tattoo, even if the skin over it begins to peel or crust.
  • For the first week, avoid applying anything except the antibiotic cream as prescribed.
  • Avoid taking hot or very warm foods for at least 2 hours after permanent lip color.
  • Do not go swimming, and avoid excessive sweating for the first week.

Is Permanent Makeup safe?
As long as you take necessary precautions, you will get phenomenal results and the procedure is completely safe.

People who should not have Permanent Makeup done

  • People with keloidal tendencies.
  • Anyone suffering from immunosuppressive illnesses like HIV.
  • People suffering from active herpes.
  • Those taking blood thinners.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Benefits of Permanent Makeup 

  • Less invasive.
  • Short procedure duration.
  • Saves time to define brows every time you get ready
  • Saves you from retouching the lipstick several times a day to look perfect.

Always approach a skilled professional for the procedure and the safest option is to take the advice of a dermatologist before proceeding with this treatment.