we have advanced laser technology  for laser facial that offer results for pigmentation blemishes and uneven facial skin tone with no side efects or zero downtime (Means people get back to their routine work the same day  after undergoing the treatment). It is ahighly   recommended   treatment   for   young   working   brides   and   grooms,   who   have   very less time left for their wedding . With the development of fractional lasers, q switchlaser  laser facial   caught   much   attention.   These   lasers   are   designed   to   penetrate   into   the   deeper  layers of the skin and eliminate imperfections without causing in any visible damage to the skin. This is made possible by creating microscopic wounds in the layers of  the skin that contain wrinkles, age spots, saggy skin, and other starting signs of ageing.The body naturally responds to these wounds by sending collagen to make repairs. Laser fractional rejuvenation or laser facials work to instigate collagen production in the body thereby promoting younger looking skin naturally minus the wrinkles and discoloration.
The collagen produced will enhance skin elasticity giving you a natural-looking youthful appearance with decrease skin tone