Ageing is unavoidable thing as we grow older. But it may always be possible to minimize it’s affect by taking care of                              some habits, nutrients, care and some useful medications recommended by experienced and updated dermatologists.

According to different research’s and oblige study aging is majorly categorized into 3 major areas.

Biological (genes)factor:

Biological factor is usually decided by our DNA which we get inherited by our forfather. In biological factors some issues can be treated or minimized and slowdown with latest advanced technologies, healthy lifestyle, & medications.

Environmental Factors:

Environmental ageing is an external factor caused by  harmful rays coming from the sun directly (UV and other), rising pollution, weather, and stress increasing rapidly with advancing age.

Ultraviolet Rays – UV rays impact the skin more badly against other pollutants present in our surrounding aura. More exposure to uv rays and other pollution cause growing wrinkles, sagging, disturbed skin tone, dark spots, and unusual dry skin texture and roughness.

A special care is required to protect our skin from different issues like sagging, sunburns, premature wrinkling and sunspots.

This becomes more better and easy when you meet a vast experienced, educated, updated with modern techniques (through online dermatology webinars, physical events and other material present online)

What is antiaging treatment and procedure

  1. thread lift
  2. dermal filler
  3. botox
  4. laser
  5. HIFU


Which can be taken care off by good skin specialist /dermatologist in your area or city.

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